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NBN is the fastest broadband available in Australia. For most people, the NBN will replace your current broadband technology such as ADSL2 or cable internet.  Once the NBN becomes available in your area, you will have approximately 18 months to switch before your existing phone and/or internet is disconnected.  The NBN uses technologies such as fiber to the premesis, fiber to the node and wireless.  You will be using one of these technologies depending on where abouts you live. 


100/40Mbps (Fibre only)

2000GB Plan

NBN 2000GB
100/40Mbps (Fibre)



Shaped Excess


$1319.40 12 mth total

$2638.80 24 mth total



Additional NBN Notes

Contracts on this page & any other documentation relating to Matilda NBN products refers to a service contract directly between the client and Matilda Internet. If signing up on a 0 month service contract no ongoing monthly payments will be required after the cancellation month BUT there may be one off carrier early termination fees applicable regardless of contract length. See Mis charges above for these charges.

No partial months can be credited & all months are billed for the month in advance.

If relocating from an NBN enabled area to an aDSL only area, additional fees & charges may be applicable.

NBN is currently available in selected areas. For information and to find out if your area is enabled please email us or give us a call.

To find out more information, call 1300 665 865, or email sales@matilda.net.au