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Why go anywhere else?


1.  All our websites are responsive

That means mobile friendly. Over 60% of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices.  Websites have to look good on all devices or you simply won't get ranked. Since April 2015 Google have started to penalise sites that haven't done this. So we make sure that your customers can view your site on their phones, ipads and tablets and computers. 

2. We build websites that work for you

We know and understand that it’s not just about prettiness of your site, but the results you get from your site. We come into the design of websites from a “Let’s see this thing make money for our customer or make it stand out, and make it look good as well”. We know about the ins and outs of getting your page noticed by search engines.
So if you want your site to make a big difference in the end result then we are the firm to deal with.

3. What's the best domain name for your site?

Unless you are spending a lot of money branding your name, then your domain name can make all the difference.
For example, a customer of ours who ran a local business wanted to name her site after her Ukrainian mother. We really tried hard to convince her not to, as it made no sense. However she stuck to her guns and the site received very few visitors - purely because it was impossible to spell and the name had no relevance to her business.
Abbreviations are something that businesses do which we advise on. For example, is it better to have a website called jsp.com.au or johnsmithplumbing.com.au? Most times it's the latter for various search engine reasons. Trust us to help you come up with the best domain name for your website that works for your business.

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4. We design without flash

Apple has never permitted Flash - used in the majority of web video - to work on any i-Device, claiming that it is insecure, drains power, and causes computers to crash.  We want your website to work on every device and as Flash was not meant for touch based mobile devices we simply won't use it.

5. If you aren't ranked highly in Google then forget it

Some people are happy having just completed a website.We start with the end result in mind to get you as high up the rankings as possible. This involves working out what your potential customers will be typing to reach you.  We test to see if there is data to verify that people are in fact typing in those search words, check out where your competitors are ranked then make sure your site has the right set up to get you noticed by Google.

6. it's easy to update our sites - you have control

So you've got a great website high in the rankings. This is great but if you never change the information on your site Google may not keep you up there.  Not only that, how often will your regular customers keep coming back to that website if you don't keep updating it?  Our estimate is about 3 times. We'll design your website so that you can easily update it even if you're not a computer expert and if you don't want to do it we can do any updates for you.

7. we actually listen to what you want

We understand that for us to be successful we need to make your website a success. That's why we listen to exactly what you want and give solutions based on the experience we have gained over the years.  Sure we'll ask you plenty of questions such as: What do you want to use your website for? Are you prepared to spend time to update it? Will your customers think of going to the net to look for your type of product? Do you want customers to book a job via your website or buy products via your website?

The answers and your thoughts will the the basis of a successful website.

8. If words don't come easy, we can write them

Remember this song by F R David “Words, don't come easy to me. How can I find a way to make you see … Words don’t come easy”Well let’s face it, if you run a successful business it doesn’t mean you have the time or ability to write the words for your website.  We do have the time and ability to write the right words after we’ve understood what you are saying AND understood what your potential customers want to hear.  Words do come easy for us.

9.  Where do you rank against your competitors?

Search engine rankings are always changing and your competitors if they are smart enough will try and beat you to the highest rankings. How do you know how you are going ? How do you know if your web traffic is increasing or what sort of visits you are getting?

We’ll send you regular optional reports based on our regular analysis of your site versus your competitors. We’ll also set up optional Alerts to tell you when your competitors make changes on their sites. Not only that, we’ll monitor whenever your business is mentioned on the net. The reason? It’s in your interest to know who is praising you and who is criticising you. We’ll help you stay one step ahead at all times.

10.  You don't have to use Google Adwords

The truth is, although Google Adwords is a term used alot for boosting traffic to your website, it is more trouble and more money wasted that it is worth in most cases.  Most people don't know it's an ongoing daily process that needs to be attended to in the hopes to earn a bit of money, and there are no guarantees that you will make anything from it. There are other cheaper less time consuming ways to boost your web traffic and that is what we focus on.